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Michigan State football fans don’t take offensive shakeup well – Detroit Free Press

Michigan State football fans don’t take offensive shakeup well – Detroit Free Press


Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio reacts to the 7-6 loss to Oregon in the Redbox Bowl in Santa Clara, Calif. on Dec. 31, 2018.
Chris Solari, Detroit Free Press

Michigan State’s Mark Dantonio held announced on Thursday night that he was shuffling around his offensive staff with no offensive coaches being fired. 

Yup, he really went on a limb to breathe some life into the offense. 

This announcement came hours after rival Michigan and Jim Harbaugh hired Josh Gattis from Alabama to be its new offensive coordinator.

Michigan State fans had hoped for an offseason shakeup, but not like this. 

Illogical MSU fans before Thursday: “No way Dantonio is making staff changes, at least demote Warner and move someone else to OC.”

*Dantonio demotes Warner and moves Brad Salem to OC*

Illogical MSU fans: “Fire Dantonio, this program is a joke now.”

At least stay consistent.

— Spartan Avenue (@SpartanAvenueFS) January 10, 2019

I completely understand Dantonio’s dilemma in firing any of these coaches. They might not be able to find work anywhere else but MSU.

— The Gruff (@TheGruffSpartan) January 10, 2019

If this doesn’t work Mark Dantonio should be fired

— Fire Dave Warner (@JumboJimmy_) January 10, 2019

Michigan State’s coaching staff pic.twitter.com/NOid3ZXHbj

— Alejandro Zúñiga (@ByAZuniga) January 10, 2019

Dantonio is keeping his entire Offensive Staff 😂🤣😂🤣😂

3-9 Here we go again.

How many games will they surpass 94 yards in 2019??

— Double BB (@BBsBigHouse1) January 10, 2019

MSU fans: Coach are you gonna hire new offensive assistants?

Dantonio: pic.twitter.com/E5b3RM22vV

— JD (@MetaWootenPeace) January 10, 2019

MSU Fans-“Please bring new people to the coaching staff, Coach Dantonio. And fire Dave Warner. We’re begging you.”

Dantonio-“ pic.twitter.com/SnjKLv5FCM

— brandon brandonovic (@MGoBean) January 10, 2019

Mark Dantonio’s offensive shakeup: pic.twitter.com/07r44pCXOI

— JohnyActionSpacePunk (@JohnyAction) January 10, 2019

Keep the PR team at MSU football in your thoughts. Gotta be having a rough afternoon.

Michigan just made national news hiring away a top-tier OC candidate from Alabama 15 minutes before Dantonio holds a press conference to defend their decision not to hire a new OC at all.

— Gideon D’Assandro (@GideonD) January 10, 2019

Deck chairs rearranged on Michigan State’s offensive Titanic. https://t.co/oFTcbC0ttx

— Pat Forde (@YahooForde) January 10, 2019

While Harbaugh playing chess with the Gattis Hire, Michigan State is rearranging chairs on the titanic. Wow lol

— thirsty kicks inc (@thirstykicksinc) January 10, 2019

MSU offense coaching changes. #blahblablah#foffpic.twitter.com/lrEnv6t8Kf

— Mark McGregor (@nikomcgregor) January 10, 2019

My additional thoughts on the MSU coaching shuffle: pic.twitter.com/ar5akKvExr

— Kyle Bailey (@kyzzog) January 10, 2019

Live look at Dantonio making his decision about the MSU offense pic.twitter.com/0sRkyyw5yD

— Cody Rochefort (@roche_06) January 10, 2019


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