Crooks steal $100K in comic books from Life Storage unit – News3LV

Crooks steal $100K in comic books from Life Storage unit – News3LV

On Dec. 27, two suspects broke into Life Storage on West Warm Springs Road. Video surveillance caught the suspects sawing through a storage unit and stole 100,000 dollars worth of comic books and collectibles.

“I cried you can still hear me. I cried for like 2 or 3 hours.,” said Daniel Ballard, the owner of the comic books.

Daniel Ballard says many of the 3,000 comics stolen were a part of his personal collection.

“The crown jewel of it was the Amazing Spiderman. I had the entire run 1-170 volume one and two. I had a lot of other issues. The first appearance of Venom Death of Captain Stacey and the first appearance of the Punisher,” Ballard said.

However, some of the comic books belonged to a charity called Critical Care Comics. They dress like superheroes and deliver comic books to kids in hospitals.

Steven Riddle also known as Riddler is the owner of Velvet Underground Comics here in Las Vegas.

“This book could run anywhere from $400 up to $2500 depending on if it’s graded or not if they had it CDC graded.” said riddler.

He says any comic book collector would die to get their hands on some of the issues that the crooks stole.

“I feel bad for him that he put those in a warehouse because not to save his place but by the looks at the hole in the warehouse door it looks like people knew that those were in there,” said Riddler.

Ballard spent more than 20-years collecting comics and he says one day, he planned to hand them down to his son. The car used in the burglary is described as a dark 4-door Saturn or a Nissan. Anyone with information is asked to pick up the phone call police call crime-stoppers at 7002-382-5555.


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